You, Four Walls, Wall Not In My Heart! by Josephine Preston Peabody

You, Four Walls,
Wall not in my heart!
When the lovely night-time falls
All so welcomely,
Blinding, sweet hearth-fire,
Light of heart’s desire,
Blind not, blind not me!
Unto them that weep apart,–
While you glow, within,
Wreckt, despairing kin,–
Dark with misery:
–Do not blind my heart!

You, close Heart!
Never hide from mine
Worlds that I divine
Through thy human dearness.
O beloved Nearness,
Hallow all I understand
With thy hand-in-hand;–
All the lights I seek,
With thy cheek-to-cheek;
All the loveliness I loved apart.

You, heart’s Home!–
Wall not in my heart.

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