An acquaintance asked Nasreddin Hodja to act as a witness in his case and lie on his behalf in front of the kadi. The man insisted so much that, at the end, the Hodja agreed to back him up in court. When the suit came before the kadi, Hodja’s acquaintance presented his case.

`Kadi Effendi, the defendant owes me two sacks of wheat.’ The kadi asked Nasreddin Hodja what he had to say.

`Yes Kadi Effendi,’ the Hodja started to give his false account, `The defendant owes two sacks of oat to the plaintiff.’

The plaintiff was panicked and immediately attempted to correct.

`Kadi Effendi, the Hodja had a slip of the tongue, he meant to say wheat.’

`What difference does it make if it’s oat or wheat, so long as it’s a lie!’ the Hodja quipped.

Witness – Mullah Nasruddin Stories

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