Who’s There? by Harrison S Morris

Nowell, nowell, nowell, nowell,
Who ys there that syngith so, nowell, nowell, nowell?

I am here, syre Christmasse!
Well come, my lord syre Christmasse,
Welcome to us all, bothe more and lesse,
Come nere, nowell!

Dieu vous garde, beau syre, tydinges you bryng:
A mayd hath born a chylde full yong,
The weche causeth yew for to syng,

Criste is now born of a pure mayde,
In an oxe stalle he ys layde,
Wher’for syng we alle atte abrayde

Bebbex bien par tutte la company,
Make gode chere and be right mery,
And syng with us now joyfully,

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