When Dream Comes True – Sylvester Stallone Story

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So many of us have dreams, dreams that never get fulfilled because we found reasons for why they couldn’t happen. Some of us don’t even start working on them because we’re scared of failure or the consequences of what society will say.
There’s a school of thought that says, that the universe conspires with us if we really want something. But to make this come true, one needs to want that thing really badly and be persistent towards making that dream come true.
“I am about to tell you why the story of Sylvester Stallone should be taught to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams. Have you ever wondered why he has such a ‘unique’ expression? He was born paralyzed in the lower left part of his face as a result of which, his speech was slurred. Death rattle for an acting career… right?
When he came to New York City to be an actor, nobody wanted to hire him. At one point, he went for three weeks sleeping at the New Jersey Bus Terminal since he was so broke. Things got so bad, he had to sell his loyal companion, his dog, to a stranger for $25. It was his lowest point.
Then, one day, he got an idea for a screenplay while watching Muhammad Ali box. He didn’t sleep the whole weekend, and banged out the script for Rocky in 3 days. Eventually, he found producers who offered him, (a man who was so broke that he had sold his dog), $125,000 for the screenplay. But there was a catch, he couldn’t act in it.
He walked away. He was broke, but he had a dream to be an actor, so he walked away.
Weeks later, they offered him $325,000; but he still said no. They eventually let him act in the movie, but only paid him $35,000. Out of this amount, he immediately spent $15,000 on tracking down and buying back his best friend, his dog. The dog is in the movie. Rocky made $200 million.
When Dream Comes True – Sylvester Stallone Story – A True Story

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