Water the Sugarcane

Once upon a time two men who cultivated sugar-cane, pledged that the one who had a good harvest would win prizes, while the one with a bad harvest would be heavily penalized. One of them thought, “The sugar-cane itself is very sweet. It will be more delicious if I water it with its compressed juice. Then I will get the upper hand over him.”

Immediately, he began to press the juice from the sugar-cane. He watered the plant with the juice in the hope of making it more delicious. Instead, he destroyed the seedling and lost his entire plantation.

So are people at large. Those who wish for the comforts of life use their high positions and
great influence to oppress the mass. They steal others’ possessions as their own wealth to do
good works with a view to enjoy better life afterwards. However, they are unaware of the
calamities, which are to come upon them. Those people are just like the man who, pressing
the sugar – cane, lost everything.

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