Volatility is the man’s worst characteristic.

Vikram pulled Vaitaal from the tree, put him on his shoulder and continued his journey again. Vaitaal said – “Vikram, You don’t feel bored, that is why I tell you another story, listen–

In Ujjain city lived a Braahman. His name was Vaasudev Sharmaa. He was very religious. He had a son, his name was Gunaakar. Gunaakar had very bad habits. He lost his father’s all wealth in gambling, so his father expelled him from the house. He refused to accept him as his son too.

Gunaakar started wandering around. Once he came to a cremation ground. He was very hungry. He saw a Yogee there who was sitting beside a burning pyre. He asked some food from him. Yogee pitied him, so immediately he took the human skull and offered him food in that. Gunaakar could not eat food from that skull, so he said – “I cannot eat food from this human skull.” Then Yogee read a Mantra and a beautiful woman appeared before him. Yogee asked her to take him and give some food. She took Gunaakar in a beautiful house and offered him nice food. Gunaakar got attracted to her so they enjoyed each other’s company. After that, that woman disappeared.

Gunaakar came to Yogee and said “Mahaaraj, She has gone away.” Yogee said – “Yes, She had to go, she was only a Maayaa (illusion).” Gunaaker held his feet and requested him to teach that knowledge. Yogee said – “You have to do Saadhanaa for this.” “I am ready for this, tell me what do I have to do.” Yogee told him the Mantra and the method of Saadhanaa. But that woman didn’t come even after a week of Saadhanaa. Sad Gunaakar again came to the Yogee and told him that she didn’t come. Yogee said – “You might have made some mistake in Saadhanaa.” “No, I followed your instructions exactly as you gave them to me.” “OK, Then do it in front of the pyre.”

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Gunaakar did it in front of a pyre also, still she didn’t come. Gunaakar again went to the Yogee and reported that she didn’t come. Yogee kicked him away and said – “Oh, What a foolish disciple I have got.” Gunaakar didn’t go from there and continued to request Yogee, but the Yogee was not paying any attention to him.

At the same time another young man came there and became his disciple. Yogee told him the same thing what he told to Gunaakar. Gunaakar was very surprised to see that his Saadhanaa got complete and that woman had appeared before him. Gunaakar started crying, then Yogee threatened him with Shaap and asked him to leave. Gunaakar got very disappointed so he committed suicide by jumping in a well.

After saying this Vaitaal got silent, after a while he said – “Vikram, Now tell “is that Yogee not criminal because of whom Gunaakar had to commit suicide? Why didn’t Gunaakar get that woman?”

Vikram said – “Vaitaal, Yogee was not at fault in this, because another man got that woman by the same method. Gunaakar himself was at fault.” “How.” “Listen, Volatility is the worst characteristic of a man. No man can ever be successful with this characteristic. This was the reason that Gunaakar could not be successful.” Vaitaal asked – “What kind of volatility he had?” Vikram said – “He was all the time thinking about the enjoyment with that woman, that is why his Saadhanaa could not get complete. One has to concentrate to succeed anywhere. This was the reason of his failure.”

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Vaitaal laughed heartily hearing Vikram and said – “You are right, Vikram.” He jumped away from his shoulder, ran away and hung from the same tree, but Vikram had held him tightly. He could not free himself. Vikram said – “I will not let you run away this time.” “I will also not run away this time. Listen to another story.” and Vaitaal again started his story–

Volatility – Vikram Betal Stories

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