Vibhishan Thrown Out by Ravan

Ravana’s spies informed him that the huge army of Rama had reached the edge of the ocean. Worried and troubled, Ravana called for a counsel of ministers. The dim-witted ministers said, “Men and monkeys are our food. We do not think much of them.” But Vibheeshan told Ravana that just one vanara (monkey) set the entire Lanka on fire. Valiant warriors like Jambamali and Akshay Kumar have been killed. Ram and Lakshman are not ordinary beings and nor is their monkey army like any other. My request to you is that you return Sita to Rama and seek his blessing. The enraged Ravana was so filled with fury that he kicked Vibheeshan and said, “If that’s what you believe, go to Rama for support”.
Ravana’s cruel wards and insulting behavior made Vibheeshan go to Kekasi, his mother. Ravana has ensured the end of our clan by kidnapping Sita. Rama is an incarnation of the Lord of the world and Sita is goddess Jagadmba. “Ravana has evil clouding his mind that is why he is rejecting any wise counsel”, he told her. Yet Vibheeshan tried to persuade Ravana once more, but Ravana insulted him and sent him away.
Vibhishan flew to Shri Rama. Some of the vanara (monkey) chiefs suspected his motive. But Shri Rama said, “Whoever seeks my support, I will always accept.” Shri Rama seated Vibhishana affectionately by his side and put a Rajtilaka on his forehead and declared him to be future King of Lanka and his own chief minister.
Vibhishan Thrown Out by Ravan, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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