Venturesome Boldness by Howard Pyle

A tailor came a-walking by,
The fire of courage in his eye.
“Where are you going Sir?” Said I.

“I slew a mouse
In our house
Where other tailors live,” said he,
“And not a Jack
Among the pack
Would dare to do the like; pardie!
Therefore, I’m going out to try
If there be greater men that I;
Or in the land
As bold a hand
At wielding brand as I, you see!”

The tailor came a-limping by
With woful face and clothes awry
And all his courage gone to pie.

“I met a knight
In armor bright
And bade him stand and draw,” said he;
“He straightaway did
As he was bid,
And treated me outrageously.
So I shall get me home again,
And probably shall there remain.
A little man.
Sir, always can
Be great with folk of less degree!”

H. Pyle

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