Two Servants

two servantsThis story is of the time when Tilak Maharaj and Dadabhai Navroji used to live in England.
They both used to live together in a rented house. Dadabhai enjoyed doing various chores. He used to wake up early in the morning and clean the house, fill the water containers, polish the shoes and then he would take a shower and continue with his daily duties. Everything would be neat and clean by the time Tilak Maharaj woke up. Tilak Maharaj thought Dadabhai must have hired a servant to come do all the work early in the morning. One day, Tilak Maharaj woke up early and saw Dadabhai sweeping the floor.
“Hey! Why are you sweeping? Didn’t the servant come in today?” asked Tilak Maharaj.
Dadabhai replied, “Which servant? We never had one to begin with.” Tilak Maharaj was shocked and asked, “Who does all the work in the morning?”
Dadabhai started to laugh and raised both of his hands in the air. He then said, “These are the two servants! Where else would you find timely and efficient servants? These servants do not ask for money and do not take holidays. God has given such an awesome gift so why would we need servants?”

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Tilak Maharaj felt inspired by Dadabhai’s words and actions. He straight away made a decision to do all of his chores himself and to not depend on others to do any of his work.
Two Servants – Historical Stories

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