Truth is the same what the world sees.

Vikram came straight to the cremation ground. The Yogee asked him – “Come Vikram, Have you brought that dead body?” Vikram told him everything what happened with him. The Yogee said – “But I cannot do anything without that dead body. Time is short. If you will be late then the Muhoort will pass, so bring him soon.” Vikram said – “But he tells too many stories.” “Keep listening, and bring him here.” Vikram went back to the same tree, pulled him from the tree, put him on his shoulder and continued his journey. Vaitaal said – “I knew that you will come, because you need me very badly.” and he laughed at himself. “Why do you laugh?” “I am laughing, because sometimes even learned people cannot value the time.” Vikram asked – “What do you mean by that?” Vaitaal said – “Listen, I tell you a story–

A trader, named Sumant, lived in Kaling Desh. He had a handsome son, named Hemant. He also went country to country to trade along with his father. Once he went to Gaandhaar Desh for trading. They showed their materials to its king in his court. The king asked him to show it to princess in his inner apartments. Hemant went in his inner apartment. Going in inner apartment was not a new thing for him, he often used to go in kings’ inner apartments. He was brought to the inner apartments under strict watch.

There he started showing his materials to mother queen. At the same time princess Chandraprabhaa also came there. Hemant got stunned to see her. He had been to many inner apartments, but he has never seen such a beauty elsewhere. He got attracted to her. By chance the princess also fell in love with him. After selling his things, he came out of the inner apartments, but he was not able to forget the princess’ beautiful face.

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Hey Vikram, Now He didn’t like trading at all, he always thought about the princess and how to see the princess again. There was a strict watch in her apartment, he could not go there. He went around the palace several times in the hope that he might see her once, but all the time he got disappointment. He did not say a word about his feelings. He refused to go back from Gaandhaar Desh. Then one of his helpers went to inform his father, and rest remained with him. He was staying near the main gate of the palace.

Now, there came a Taantrik, named Bhootdev, after learning Tantra. One of Hemant’s servants went to him hearing his fame. He described his master’s condition to him. Bhootdev came to see him and understood his mind with the power of his Mantra. He asked him – “Are you really restless to see the princess Chandraprabhaa?” Hemant nodded. He said – “I can arrange the meeting.” Then he gave a Taabeez to Hemant and said to him – “As you will tie this Taabeez on your body, you will be converted into a fine young woman, and when you will untie it, you will be returned to your original form. That is how you can see her.” “But how will I go inside?”

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Bhootdev said – “I have a way.” He converted himself into an old man and tied the Taabeez on Hemant’s arm (this converted him into a beautiful young woman), and both went to the king. He said to the king – “Mahaaraaj, You are very kind. I am a poor old Braahman, I wish to go for pilgrimage. This is my daughter, she will not be able to go with me, so if you keep her, I will be able to earn some Punya. When I will come back, I will take her.”

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The king agreed, he sent that woman to his daughter in his inner apartments. Bhootdev told Hemant that he would come back in a week time. Till then he can live with her, then he will see further. In the inner apartments, Chandraprabhaa got a new friend. When they were alone, he came into his original form. The princess got very happy to see him. Both were happy, nobody could notice anything. When that week had passed, none of them could know. Bhootdev had come back to take him, but Hemant requested him to give him one more week. Bhootdev agreed and Hemant stayed back there for one more week.

O Vikram, It so happened that the king’s minister’s son got attracted to Hemant’s woman form. He wanted to marry her, so he requested the king that he should be married to her. King asked him to wait till Bhootdev comes. Now that another week was also over. Bhootdev had come again to take him. The king proposed Bhootdev for his daughter for his minister’s son. Bhootdev said politely – “Mahaaraaj, I will tell you after asking my daughter.”

Hemant was brought in his woman form. Bhootdev asked her about the proposal, he clearly refused it. Now Hemant had come out of the palace. He told Bhootdev that the princess is pregnant. Bhootdev got happy to hear this, as he can get married to her on this basis only. Hemant was satisfied. Bhootdev went away. Then Hemant went to the king and asked the hand of Chandraprabhaa. The king clearly refused. at this Hemant said – “The princess is expecting my child.” Still the king didn’t agree.

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Hemant got disappointed with king’s answer. When the king asked Chandraprabhaa, she told him everything clearly, still the king refused to marry her to Hemant. Hemant go so much shocked by his refusal, that he committed suicide. Now you judge, “was the king not responsible for this sin? Was the king not worthy to be punished?

Vikram thought for a while then said – “No Vaitaal, The king did right.” “How.” “Listen, Whatever this world sees, only that is truth. Whatever is done at the back, is not considered the truth. That is why, it was all right for the king to refuse go Hemant to marry his daughter. “Then why did Hemant commit suicide? Because he himself was at fault. The minister’s son was also attracted to Hemant’s woman form, then why didn’t he commit suicide? He lived very well. This is my justice – that whatever sees the world, that is the only truth, rest is a lie.”

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Vaitaal said – “You are right, Vikram.” He laughed heartily and ran away from his shoulder. This time Vikram didn’t feel bad, he again pulled Vaitaal from the tree, put him on his shoulder and started walking. Vaitaal again started speaking – “O Vikram, Listen further. Thus Hemant died. When the princess knew it, she became very sad. At the same time she gave birth to a son. The king gave that boy to a woman and he got ready to marry her. One prince got ready to marry her, so she was married to him. Both started living happily. After some time, Hemant’s son grew old and came to see his mother but she refused to accept him as her son.

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Now tell Vikram, What type of form is this of a mother? Is this not a sin?” Vikram said – “This son of the princess was illegitimate, how could she accept him as her son?” Vaitaal asked – “Then was it a womanish behavior?” “Yes” “You are insulting the whole woman class.” and he again ran away from his shoulder. Vikram couldn’t hold him back this time, but he had to take him to that Yogee, so he went back again, put him on his shoulder and started his journey.

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