Truth and Violence

A sage engrossed in his penance, was strictly adhering to two principles.
The first one was there is no religion other than Truth.
The second one was non-violence is the best religion.
One person who was envious of this sage was determined to somehow make this sage to tell an untruth and also to indulge in some
One day he came towards the hermitage of the sage in the guise of a hunter, chasing a deer. He saw the deer entering the hermitage.
Like an innocent man, he asked the sage whether he saw any deer coming that side.
The sage was in a dilemma. He did see the deer and therefore could not say “no”. But if he revealed the truth, the hunter would
kill the deer and thereby he would be committing a sin.
Sage thought for a second and said told the hunter, “Oh, man! That which saw cannot speak and that which can speak did not see”.
Unable to comprehend the inner meaning of this statement, the hunter left that place.
The inner and significant meaning of the statement was: “Eyes saw the deer but they cannot speak. The mouth which can speak did not
see the deer.”
The truth that one tells should not cause harm to anyone, especially the innocent one. To become nonviolent one need not speak the
untruth. Timely tactful action is good here.

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