Translation From Heine: Die Heimkehr by George MacDonald


They have company this evening,
And the house is full of light;
Up there at the shining window
Moves a shadowy form in white.

Thou seest me not–in the darkness
I stand here below, apart;
Yet less, ah less thou seest
Into my gloomy heart!

My gloomy heart it loves thee,
Loves thee in every spot:
It breaks, it bleeds, it shudders–But
into it thou seest not!


Diamonds hast thou, and pearls,
And all by which men lay store;
And of eyes thou hast the fairest–
Darling, what wouldst thou more?

Upon thine eyes so lovely
Have I a whole army-corps
Of undying songs composed–
Dearest, what wouldst thou more?

And with thine eyes so lovely
Thou hast tortured me very sore,
And hast ruined me altogether–
Darling, what wouldst thou more?

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