“To Our Parents” [Written By Request, For A Golden Wedding] by Mrs J C Yule

Full fifty years together–
Father and mother dear–
Through pleasant summer weather,
Or wintry tempests drear,–
Thro’ sunshine and thro’ shadow,
Oft travel sore and tried,
Yet strong to aid each other,
You’ve journeyed side by side

A few brief years of climbing,–
One glad, exultant glance
At the sun bright world around you,
At the smiling heaven’s expanse,–
And then, the slow descending
Into the vale below,
Where the light with shade is blending,
And the deamy waters flow

Full fifty years of travel–
Then, on your worn staves rest,
And welcome home your children,
And many an honored guest,–
We come to give you greeting,–
We come to bring you cheer,–
To hail with glad rejoicing
This fiftieth wedded year!

We know your hearts are asking
For one who is not here–
Whose voice was sweetest music,
Whose smile was very dear,
But the blessed Heaven that holds him
Is very near to you,
And the warm love that enfolds him,
Enfolds his parents too.

Then let the tears we’re shedding
Have naught of grief’s alloy;–
Be one of tranquil joy.
God bless our honored father
God bless our mother dear!
And a thousand, thousand welcomes
To this fiftieth wedded year.

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