To Dan by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Step me now a bridal measure,
Work give way to love and leisure,
Hearts be free and hearts be gay–
Doctor Dan doth wed to-day.

Diagnosis, cease your squalling–
Check that scalpel’s senseless bawling,
Put that ugly knife away–
Doctor Dan doth wed to-day.

‘Tis no time for things unsightly,
Life’s the day and life goes lightly;
Science lays aside her sway–
Love rules Dr. Dan to-day.

Gather, gentlemen and ladies,
For the nuptial feast now made is,
Swing your garlands, chant your lay
For the pair who wed to-day.

Wish them happy days and many,
Troubles few and griefs not any,
Lift your brimming cups and say
God bless them who wed to-day.

Then a cup to Cupid daring,
Who for conquest ever faring,
With his arrows dares assail
E’en a doctor’s coat of mail.

So with blithe and happy hymning
And with harmless goblets brimming,
Dance a step–musicians play–
Doctor Dan doth wed to-day.

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