To Cure Baldness

Once upon a time, there was a man who was completely bald. He felt very cold in winter and hot in summer. He was stung by gadflies and mosquitoes. He suffered from his baldness day and night. One day, he went to see a specialist well known for his medical and surgical practice and said, “Great Master! Would you cure my baldness?”

Taking off his hat, the doctor revealed to him that he too was bald and said, “I have the same trouble as you. If I could cure it, I would have done so with myself long time ago.”

So are the people at large. Suffering from the agonies of birth, old age, sickness and death, people seek for immortality. They hear Sramanas, Brahmans etc, are the best doctors in the world who know now to cure all kinds of diseases. They go to a Brahman and say, “Would you release us from the pain of impenitence and transmigration and help us live in happiness and immortality?”

The Brahman tells them, “I also suffer from those agonies that you feel. So I’m looking for immortality, which I can’t find. If I was able to make you get it, I would get it first for myself and then for you too.”

The Brahman is just like the bald man getting weary in vain for his healing.

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