Three Princes

Whoever is mighty, only he is the master

Vaitaal again started speaking – “Listen now, I tell you a story just to pass time, listen to it.” Vaitaal started his story and Vikram listened.

Vaitaal said – “The princess of Magadh Desh, Chandralekaa was very beautiful. As she grew up, many princes proposed to marry her, but she refused to marry anyone. Then one day her mother asked – “Do you want to marry or no?” “Yes, I will marry, but only when I will get an appropriate boy.” Mother again asked her – “So there is no boy appropriate for you among them?” “No.” “Then who will be the appropriate boy for you?” “Who is mighty and can protect his wife.” Mother said – “OK, Then only you decide to whom you want to marry.” The princess agreed.

After some time a prince’s proposal came, the princess asked – “What is your quality?” The prince said – “I can see past, present and future.” The princess didn’t reply him anything. After that another proposal came. The princess asked him the same question, he said – “I have a chariot which can run anywhere – on water, in air, on road, and I have built it myself.” After that another proposal came and the princess asked him the same question. He said – “I have a sword whose hit never misses, and nobody can save himself from it.”

Some other proposals also came, but the princess was unable to decide. Her mother was very worried with this. She told her that she would tell her her decision next day.

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By chance those three princes, who told her their qualities, came next day. The first prince’s name was Veerendra, the second one’s name was Udayaveer and the third one’s name was Dhananjaya. The princess asked them to wait. In the meantime the princess got disappeared. Everybody got worried about the princess.

As all the princes were present there, Veerendra was asked to tell where she was. He did some calculations and told that a Raakshas had fallen in love with her beauty, has taken her and kept her in his palace in Araavatee hills. He told the way to reach up to the palace and drew the map also of that palace.

At this Udayaveer said – “I can take you right into his palace by my chariot.” Dhananjaya said – “Nobody can save him from my sword.” Now Veerendra and Dhananjaya sat on Udayaveer’s chariot and it soon came to the place of the Raakshas. Veerendra said – “The princess is in her room and crying, and the Raakshas will be killed by Dhananjaya.”

All the three attacked on the Raakshas. Dhananjaya killed him with only one hit of his sword. As he was killed, his Maayaa palace also vanished, and the three brought the princess back. Now all started claiming the princess.

Veerendra claimed that if he had not drawn the map, both could not find the princess. Udayaveer claimed that if he did not have that chariot, those two could not have reached there in this life. And Dhananjaya claimed that if he had not killed the Raakshas, the address and the chariot couldn’t do anything, that is why the princess was his.

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All were right in their own ways. But when the princess was asked, she told that she was obliged to all of them. They should decide among themselves. Now tell, whose right is on the princess?”

Vikram thought for some time and said – “The princess is of Dhananjaya’s. Because whoever is mighty, only he has the right. The Raakshas was killed by Dhananjaya. Only he is the true husband who protects his wife.”

“You are right.” Saying this Vaitaal again laughed heartily and ran away from the king’s shoulder and hung upside down from the same tree. The king Vikramaaditya again got very angry at this. He took out his sword, followed him, took him from the tree, put him on his shoulder and started walking.

Vaitaal again started speaking – “O King, You are very courageous. And you
are indeed a just king.” He was speaking and Vikram was listening.

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