The Woman Who Longs for a Second Child

Once there was a woman who longed for a second child. He asked other women, “Who could bring me another child?”

An old lady told her, “I can find a way for you to give birth to another child, on one condition that you should offer a sacrifice to God.”

She asked, “What have I to offer as a sacrifice?”

Thereupon, the old lady replied, “Kill your son and use his blood as a sacrifice to God. Thus you’ll certainly get many other children.”

Subsequently, she tried to follow the old lady’s instructions. A wise man nearby heard the story first jeered and then scolded the woman, “How so stupid and ignorant you are! To kill your son that you have now! Are you sure that you’ll have another one whose birth is unknown?”

So is the stupid man who in order to get uncertain happiness, plunges into the burning pit and
does all, sorts of wrong-doings in the hope of entering Heaven after death.

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