The Wolf, the Huntsman, and the Shepherd

The authors of which are not known
A Wolf, flying from the Huntsman’s close pursuit, was seen by a Shepherd, who noticed which way he fled, and in what spot he concealed himself. “Herdsman,” said the terrified fugitive, “by all your hopes, do not, I do adjure you by the great Gods, betray an innocent being, who has done you no injury.”
“Don’t fear,” the Shepherd replied; “I’ll point in another direction.” Soon after, the Huntsman comes up in haste: “Shepherd, have you not seen a Wolf come this way? Which way did he run?” The Shepherd replied, in a loud voice: “He certainly did come, but he fled to the left,” but he secretly motioned with his eyes towards the right. The other did not understand him, and went on in haste. Then said the Shepherd to the Wolf: “What thanks will you give me for having concealed you?” “To your tongue, I give especial ones,” said the Wolf, “but on your deceitful eyes I pray that the darkness of eternal night may fall.”
He who, courteous in his words, conceals deceit in his heart, may understand that he is himself described in this Fable.

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