The Wolf, the Fox, and the Shepherd

The authors of which are not known
A Wolf, in the course of time, had collected a store in his den, that he might have food, which he might enjoy at his ease for many months. A Fox, on learning this, went to the Wolf’s den, and said with tremulous voice: “Is all right, brother? For not having seen you on the look-out for prey in your woods, life has been saddened every day.” The Wolf, when he perceived the envy of his rival, replied: “You have not come hither from any anxiety on my account, but that you may get a share. I know what is your deceitful aim.” The Fox enraged, comes to a Shepherd, and says: “Shepherd, will you return me thanks, if to-day I deliver up to you the enemy of your flock, so that you need have no more anxiety?” The Shepherd replied: “I will serve you, and will with pleasure give you anything you like.” She points out the Wolf’s den to the Shepherd, who shuts him in, despatches him immediately with a spear, and gladly gratifies his rival with the property of another. When, however, the Fox had fallen into the Hunter’s hands, being caught and mangled by the Dogs, she said: “Hardly have I done an injury to another, ere I am now punished myself.”
Whoever ventures to injure another, ought to beware lest a greater evil befall himself.

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