The Wolf and the Fox

Kriloff’s Original Fables
We all give willingly away
The things we want not, every day
And this a fable shall explain,
The truth, half told, gives no one pain.
A Fox once in a henroost ate his fill, And, having put a stolen store aside,
Under a haystack lay at evening tide In dreamy mood, when lo, a Wolf came by ! ” Ah, gossip ! Woe to me ! ” he said, ” Not a bare bone to gnaw, howe’er I try, With cold and hunger almost dead
The dogs are fierce, wakeful the shepherd’s eye : As well be hung at once, and sped !

—” Indeed? “—” ‘Tis so “—” Poor fellow, sorry cheer !
Wilt try some hay ? I have a fine wisp here :
To treat an old friend I am glad.”
The friend no hay, but meat wished that he hadThe Fox said nothing of the store he’d hid. Good-bye to him the gray rogue bid,
And, surfeited with all the kindness shed
Upon him, home went supperless to bed.