The Wolf and the Cuckoo – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
” Neighbour, farewell ! ” a Wolf to a Cuckoo said : ” A wasted time have I too long here led,
In hopes of rest ! Of mart and dogs the spite
One worse than other here ; and, though an angel thou,
With them thou’lt have to fight.” — ” And is thy road a long one now ? Where lives the people honoured so by thee,
With whom thou hopest e’er in peace to dwell ? ” — ” I’m off unto the nearest dell Of happy Arcady.
Ah, that’s a country, neighbour dear
What war is none there ever hear
Mild as their lambs, men love not slaughter,
And rivers run with milk not water
In one word, there the age of gold doth reign ! Men all like brothers to each other act
Dogs bite not, and they say ’tis fact, They bark not. Oh ! what gain,
Say, would it not, my sweet friend, be,
A land like that, though but in sleep, to see ? In such blest place to seek and find repose ? Recall no ill of him that to it goes :
I hope to live there, far from any foes, In ease, in comfort, and in peace ! Not as ’tis here : where day but danger shows,
And e’en the night doth not from watchfulness release.” — “A happy journey to thee, and good cheer ! But what about those ways and teeth of thine,
Dost take them, or dost leave them here ? ” — ” Leave them, that would indeed be fine ! ” — ” Then mark my words, and choose : Keep them, and thou thy skin wilt lose.”
Those, whose vile tempers are the worst,
‘Gainst others to cry out are always first
No one is kind, they say, where’er they turn, And ne’er by kindness try to kindness earn.

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