The Wise King

the wise kingIn a far away land, there was a beautiful kingdom with its unique rule.
The rule said, everyone may become the king, with all of his rights to
govern the country for five years. After that he must be detained, his
body will be tied and he will be thrown away to remote island where
the jungle is thick and there are plenty of wild animals and no human.
Then, one by one, people became the king. The first man said OK, I
am ready to be the king. And he became a king for five years. What
he did in his five years was enjoying his position. He threw big parties,
went to many beautiful places, married many women, collected many
luxurious things and did the other things that please him.
Those were all he did. Until one day the time came. One morning
when the king woke up, suddenly strong soldiers came to his palace
and said, “We come to here under the order of constitution; you have
become a king for five years, and now the time comes when we
should seize you and take you to Remote Island”. The king wasn’t
very surprised of this, because he knew that the time would come. He
just felt that the time passed by too fast. He had enjoyed himself in
the past five years but now he had to leave all the things that had
made him happy, and would undergo living in the very dangerous
island. He was very scared but could do nothing and had to accept
his destiny with tears in his eyes. And when they got there, the
soldiers put the dethroned king in jungle and left him alone. They
didn’t know and didn’t care about what would happen to him. All they
heard when they left the island was just the voices of wild animals
and the long scream of the former king; and then silent again.
Back to the kingdom, the constitution was still effective, and now
there is a second king. Then the time showed that he behaved
similarly with the first king. He used his time to enjoy extravagant life,
but after his five years was over, the soldiers took him and brought
him to the island. He cried on the day he was thrown away to the
remote island, and the voice of wild animals mixed with his scream
was heard after he was left alone there.
Every other king was the same. Each one of them just copied their
predecessors’ story – laugh in the beginning, but cry in the end.
One day, a young man came and declared his wish to be asking. By
the constitution he was granted his wish. He would be a king for five
years before being thrown away to the island. But if other kings would
follow their passion for having fun after being inaugurated, he didn’t.
He realized that his time was only five years. Even if he had a happy
life in the five years, his life as a king would come to an end.
So the king was always seen to be thinking. And not very long after
that, he made a surprising decision. I wont make an extravagant
live, but I attempt to use all of my power, even have to suffer, to
prepare my life at the remote island.
In the first year he sent troops, veterinarians, and animals trainers to
the dangerous island. The mission was to control the population of
wild animals there or domesticate them for good use. Well the
mission was so huge that it consumed a lot of the country’s
resources. But it was the king’s decision and he had calculated it,
wand he was ready to make sacrifices. So, all things had been used
by all kings to have their fun, now is used by the new king in this
mission. He really dedicated all of his energy to the mission. The
mission was successfully done.
In the second year, he sent a lot of farmers to the island to start a
wide rice field there. In the third year, he built a lot of facilities on the
island, from electricity to hospital. In the fourth year, he sent a lot of
educated people like engineers, accountants, and many others to the
island. In the fifth year, he sent his friends and his relatives to the
And finally the time came when the king had to be thrown away to the
island. In the morning of the big day, the king smiled his widest smile
ever in five years. When many strong soldiers caught and roped him,
his smile grows wider. And finally he laughed a great laugh when the
soldiers threw him to the island.
Yes, how wouldn’t he laugh? If the previous king found thick jungle
and so many wild animals when they were being thrown away, the
last king found many exciting things needed to live comfortably. All of
his family were there and welcomed him. They cheered, long live the
wise king, long live the wise king! And the wise king lived happily ever
The story has a very good lesson for all of us. Actually every one of
us is like the king. We are given time to live in this world and do
whatever we want. But after the time ends, we will be detained (by
Izrail, the death angle), and being roped (with kafan) then finally
thrown away to the very dangerous place (grave, with its snakes,
scorpions and torturer angles). So many people are tricked by their
life in the world. All they do in this world is all fun for them, and forget
that the time will come when they will face a very different life. And
when it happens, they are tortured and suffer forever. But not with the
clever people, they live in this world to prepare their next life in the
after world, just like the wise king. This people will face death with a
smile, because they will a very good life in paradise. And the ending
for these people is, they live in true happiness forever.
The Wise King – Philosophical Stories

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