The Useful Thief

In a town, there lived a trader. He was a middle aged man. He was rich but a widower. He wanted to marry, but no girl was willing to marry him.

After many months of bride hunting, he got married to a young girl and on this account he had to bribe her poor father with a lot of money. But the young girl didn’t like the middle aged trader.

She didn’t allow her husband to come near her or to take her in his arms. The trader was very unhappy with this kind of attitude of his wife.

One night, while the trader was sleeping in his bed all alone, his wife came rushing to him and held him tightly in her arms. She was trembling with fear. The trader was highly surprised.

Just as he took his wife in his arms he saw a thief standing in the doorway.

The trader understood everything. He said to the thief, “Friend, this young wife of mine never came near me. But today, she has taken me in her arms because of you.

I am so happy with you that I am ready to give you anything you desire. You may carry anything that you wish to take with you.

“Sir”, replied the thief, “There is nothing valuable in this house that I can take with me. But, in future if your wife doesn’t come near you or does not hold you in her arms, I’ll surely come here.”

The thief then went away without taking any article from the trader’s house. But from that day onwards the trader’s wife treated her husband very lovingly.

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