The Two Owls and the Sparrow

Moral: No Moral. Suggest us a moral of this fable in comment section.
Two pompous owls together sat
In the solemnity of chat:
“Respect to wisdom, all is fled;
The Grecian sages all are dead.
They gave our fathers honour due;
The dignity of owls they knew.
Upon our merit they conferred
The title of ‘The Athenian bird.’”
“Brother, they did; you reason right,”
Answered his chum with winking sight.
“For Athens was the seat of learning.
Academicians were discerning.
They placed us on Minerva’s helm,
And strove with rank to overwhelm
Our worth, which now is quite neglected,—
Ay, a cock−sparrow’s more respected.”
A sparrow who was passing by,
And heard the speech, made this reply:
“Old chaps, you were at Athens graced,
And on Minerva’s helm were placed,
And we all know the reason why.
Of all the birds beneath the sky,
They chose you forth the lot to show
What they desired their schools to know,
The emptiness of solemn looks.
You teach it better than the books.
Would you be thought of wit and worth,
And be respected upon earth,
Humble your arrogance of mind,
Go to the farmers, and there find
A welcome—foe to mice and rats.
And live the rivals of the cats.”

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