The Two Boys

Kriloff’s Original Fables
” Come, Tommy, now that we’ve not got to go, Like driven sheep, into the class, Come to the garden, there to thee I’ll show
Chestnuts, which we will eat upon the grass.” —” No, Fred, those chestnuts do not grow for us. Thou knowest well to climb that tree what fuss : Nor thou nor I can reach so high,
As there where chestnuts catch thine eye !” —” Where strength is useless, best to try a trick.
I’ve thought of all, come see ! Hoist me, and on the lower branch I’ll be,
And once up there, ’tis hard if we don’t find A way to feast on chestnuts to our mind.”
Off the two friends set running to the tree. Then Tommy helped his comrade to a hold,
And gasping lifted him till sweat down rolled, And he had scrambled on the branch below. Thence Freddy worked himself up, till at ease, Like mouse in meal box, was his joy to seize, Upon the tree-top, where the chestnuts grow,
More fruit than he could eat or count
Enough to feed him well, and spare Good portion for his comrade’s share. Tommy, though, got but little for the mount
Below his lips he licked at sight
Of Freddy up there feasting with delight,
While from the top to him was thrown
A heap of empty shells alone.
In life I’ve many a Freddy seen, Whose generous friends have ever been
Ready to hoist him to a place up high ; But once the scramble o’er, and he
Seated among the nuts, they’re free In vain to him for empty shells to cry.

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