The Travellers and the Robber

The Fables of Phædrus
Two Soldiers having fallen in with a Robber, one fled, while the other stood his ground, and defended himself with a stout right-hand. The Robber slain, his cowardly companion comes running up, and draws his sword; then throwing back his travelling cloak, says: “Let’s have him;” “I’ll take care he shall soon know whom he attacks.” On this, he who had vanquished the robber made answer: “I wish you had seconded me just now at least with those words; I should have been still more emboldened, believing them true; now keep your sword quiet, as well as your silly tongue, that you may be able to deceive others who don’t know you. I, who have experienced with what speed you take to your heels, know full well that no dependence is to be placed upon your valour.”
This story may be applied to him who is courageous in prosperity, in times of danger takes to flight.

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