The Three Sensitive Queens

Once upon a time there lived a king of Ujjayani by name of Dharmadhvaja, who had three exquisitely sensitive queens. He loved all three of them very much, all of them were of unparalleled beauty.

On one occasion, while the king was playing with the first queen, he ruffled her hair. The lotus flower on her ear fell over her thigh, and made a wound and she cried out loud. The king was surprised at her sensitivity and immediately requested medical attention for her.

On another occasion, when he was with the second queen on a full moon night on the roof of his palace, the queen suddenly felt her skin burning of the moonlight. The king ordered medical attention for her too and was again surprised at her sensitivity.

On third occasion, when he was with the third queen, she collpased on the floor on hearing of the sound of a mortar grinding rice, far far away. The king immediately ordered medical attention for her and was surprised too.

Since then he took utmost care of his three ultra sensitive queens.

Betaal stops and asks King Vikram asks this question: Who among the three queens is the most sensitive? Vikram replies with a lot of thought, “The third one, as she had not even been touched by the light or flower. She had only heard a noise from distance.”

As soon as Vikram had finished his answer, Betaal disappeared back to the

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