The Strangers and the Dogs – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Two Strangers once, engaged in earnest talk, Were taking in a certain town their evening walk,
When suddenly a watchdog, lying Inside a gate, barked at them sharp and loud. The bark was echoed : instantly a crowd
Of dogs of all sorts, with each other vying,
Sprang up around them, barking in angry tones. One of the Strangers had caught up some stones. ” Drop that, my friend ! ” the other to him cried, ” Of barking thou a dog canst hardly break,

But teasing may the pack more dangerous make :
I know dogs well, come on ! ” So side by side, No notice taking of the dogs, they went
Before the plan a dozen steps they’d tried, The noise grew less, and soon was wholly spent.
The envious will, whate’er they look on meet
With spiteful yelp, like curs upon the street. But thou, go thou thy way in peace !
They’ll bark, and if not noticed cease.

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