The Snake and the Lamb

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Snake within a furrow lay, Venting upon the world his rage ; Snakes unto anger all give way, The feeling in them placed by nature sage. A Lamb too near him frisked and played
Of snakes she was not yet afraid : But lo, the Snake crawled up, planting in her his sting.
Round, in the poor thing’s eyes, both field and sky now swing •
In all her veins the poison burns. —”What had I done to thee?”—The Snake
returns :
“Who knows? Perhaps, for all thy looks, false-hearted,
Thou here hast come with purpose to slay me,
So, for precaution’s sake I’ve punished thee.”
‘ L Ah, no ! ” the Lamb sighs out, and with her life hath
The man, whose heart’s created so, That he can feel nor love nor friendship’s glow,
But hate alone for all of human kind, Will for himself in others his own bad feelings find.

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