The Shepherd’s Dog and the Wolf

Moral: No Moral. Suggest us a moral of this fable in comment section.
A hungry wolf had thinned the fold,
Safely he refuged on the wold;
And, as in den secure he lay,
The thefts of night regaled his day.
The shepherd’s dog, who searched the glen,
By chance found the marauder’s den.
They fought like Trojan and like Greek,
Till it fell out they both waxed weak.
“Wolf,” said the dog, “the whilst we rest on,
I fain would ask of you a question.”
“Ask on,” the wolf replied; “I’m ready.”
“Wolf,” said the dog, “with soul so steady
And limbs so strong, I wonder much
That you our lambs and ewes should touch.
There are the lion and the boar
To bathe your jaws with worthier gore;
‘Tis cowardly to raid the fold.”
“Friend,” said the wolf, “I pray thee, hold!
Nature framed me a beast of prey,
And I must eat when, where I may.
Now if your bosom burn with zeal
To help and aid the bleating−weal,
Hence to your lord and master: say
What you have said to me; or, stay,
Tell him that I snatch, now and then,
One sheep for thousands gorged by men.
I am their foe, and called a curse,
But a pretended friend is worse.”

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