The Sheep and the Wolves

The authors of which are not known
When the Sheep and the Wolves engaged in battle, the former, safe under the protection of the dogs, were victorious. The Wolves sent ambassadors, and demanded a peace, ratified on oath, on these terms; that the Sheep should give up the Dogs, and receive as hostages the whelps of the Wolves. The Sheep, hoping that lasting concord would be thus secured, did as the Wolves demanded. Shortly after, when the whelps began to howl, the Wolves, alleging as a pretext, that their young ones were being murdered, and that the peace had been broken by the Sheep, made a simultaneous rush on every side, and attacked the latter thus deprived of protectors; and so a late repentance condemned their folly in putting faith in their enemies.
If a person gives up to others the safeguard under which he has previously lived in security, he will afterwards wish it back, but in vain.

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