The Shadow and the Man

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A playful Rogue to catch his Shadow once did try
His leg put out, It goes ahead ; faster, and It doth fly Before him still ; he runs, and must at length go by : But each time that he springs, swifter the Shadow runs,
Still unattained, like life’s best treasure. Our Rogue a step or two doth backward measure, And lo, the Shadow following his step no longer shuns.
Ye Beauties bright ! I’ve heard say many times : What think ye now ? No, truly, they touch not you my
But what with Fortune haps, that with the subject chimes :
One time and trouble vainly wastes,
Striving with all his strength but once to hold her
Another, as it seems, runs from her, —then, behold her,
How after him with opened arms she hastes !

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