The Rich Mohan And The Poor Sohan

Long ago, there lived two friends in a village. They were known as Mohan and Sohan. Mohan was a jeweller and was very rich, while Sohan was very poor. Once on the occasion of his sister’s marriage.

Sohan took a few gold ornaments worth rupees five thousand from Mohan and promised to pay the price of it within six months from the date of buying on credit.

But only a few days after the marriage of Sohan’s sister, Mohan began asking for the money which he was supposed to get from Sohan for the gold ornaments bought by him on credit.

“You know, I am a poor man,” said Sohan. “How can I make the payment so soon. Moreover, if I remember correctly, I had already told you that I shall be able to pay you back in six months’ time. Anyway please give me some more time. I’ll pay the money.”

But Mohan had an evil design on Sohan’s properties. He wanted Sohan to sign some documents in the court of law, saying that he mortgaged his house and other properties against the gold ornaments.

Sohan again pleaded his helplessness, but Mohan was adamant on his demand.

So, seeing no way out Sohan said to Mohan, “How willi go to the court? I don’t even have a horse to reach the court.”

“You can take my horse to ride to the court,” said Mohan.

“I don’t have nice clothes to wear,” said Sohan.

“You can put on my clothes,” said Mohan.

“I don’t even have shoes to wear,” said Sohan.

“Take my shoes,” said Mohan.

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Now Sohan agreed to go to the court. He put on Mohan’s clothes and shoes and rode to the court on Mohan’s horse.

When the judge called the name of Sohan, he said, “My Lord, I want to ask Mohan certain questions.”

“Go ahead,” said the judge and ordered Mohan to answer to the questions put up by Sohan.

“Tell me, Mohan,” asked Sohan, “to whom do these clothes, I’m wearing, belong?”

“They’re mine,” replied Mohan.

“To whom do these shoes, I’m wearing, belong?”

“They’re mine,” said Mohan.

“And the horse that I rode to the court?”

“The horse too belongs to me,” shouted Mohan.

The people present in the court began to laugh.

Sohan said to the judge, “My Lord, you can yourself judge the mental state of Mohan. He thinks everything that I possess belongs to him only.”

The judge also laughed and dismissed the case saying that Mohan had lost his mental balance and has started thinking that everything that Sohan owned belonged to him. Thus, Sohan foiled Mohan’s evil designs.

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