The Rana Shibi

There are many successive great kings who ruled the kingdom whose capital city in Hastinapur. One such great king among descendants of Baratha is Rana Shibi. The king Shibi is famous for his truthfulness, justice, kindness and most importantly keeping his word. He believed that life is meaningless if not lived according to Dharma. He was even ready for sacrificing his life for protecting Dharma. He also believed that whole life is centered on upholding the Dharma and righteousness.
He became famous as protector of unprotected and who would sacrifice himself for justice. Even Gods became jealous of his fame so they wanted to test for his self-control and his ability of upholding Dharma. Indra, the chief of Gods and Agni, the Fire God decide to take this ultimate test for strength of his character.
This story illustrates why Rana Shibi is such a great king and also tells that not only weak humans need shelter but also birds, trees and animals required protection. One day while the King Shibi was sitting alone on terrace of his palace he saw a dove coming towards him. The Dove was trying to escape from clutches of chasing eagle. Dove was very frightened and took shelter in the lap of king. Dove said “O king save my life, I came for your shelter”.
As it is the duty of any King to protect those who came for shelter he vowed dove to protect from eagle. The king said to dove that now you can have peace under my shelter. The eagle landed in front of King and asked him to leave his prey so that he can overcome his hunger. The king thought that it is also not right by taking its prey away. Then King Shibi was in a dilemma of doing justice, upholding Dharma, keeping his words and doing the duty of king. The king decided to resolve the issue by offering the eagle meat which is same amount as of the dove. The eagle insisted for dove his rightful prey. After some time Eagle agreed for taking the equal weight of flesh from his body as of the dove. Eagle also demanded for a condition that there should be no tear drops while giving the equal weight of flesh.
The king agreed for the conditions and asked for knives and balance. He kept dove on one pan and on the other side of pan he place a large chunk of flesh from his right thigh. He kept on adding the flesh from right side of his body. He almost finished adding the whole flesh on his right side of his body but strangely always the pan with dove weighed more. At this point a tear appeared on the left eye of King. The eagle insisted him to give his prey back saying that I don’t want your unwilling sacrifice; your tear in left eye is telling that you are unhappy.
Then king replied with a smile on his face that you are mistaken my friend. The left eye is not crying out of grief but this is a tear of joy. If my right part of my body had satisfied you the left part of body would not have this great opportunity of sacrifice. It is crying out of joy. The king also said that he is very happy in protecting the weak.
On listening to these words from King Shibi the dove and Eagle disappeared and in their places stood Fire God Agni and Indra, the chief of Gods telling him that he had passed
the ultimate test for upholding justice, Dharma, and duty of true King.

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