The Promoted Barber

The Royal Barber’s only task was to give king Krishnadeva Raya his daily shave. One day when he arrived to do his job, king krishnadeva Raya was still asleep. The barber gave him a shave even as he slept. On waking up, the king was happy at the barber’s skill of shaving a sleeping man. The king was pleased and told the barber to ask for anything of his choice. To this, the barber said , ” Your Majesty, I would like to serve you as a minister in the Royal court.” The king agreed to the barber’s wish.

As the news of the barber spread around, the other ministers became worried. They thought that an uneducated man at the minister’s post may misuse the powers he held. They went to Tenali with the problem. Tenali assured them of his help.

Next day when the king went by the river, he was surprised to see Tenali scrubbing hard bathing a black dog. When the king asked what he was doing, Tenali replied, “Your Majesty I am trying to convert a black dog into a white one by scrubbing it hard just as a barber took the post of the minister.”

On hearing this, the king realized what Tenali was hinting at. That day, in the court, he appointed barber back into his position.

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