The Poor Want To Have As Much As The Rich

Once upon a time, there was a poor man who had but few possessions. After meeting some rich men, he wanted to be like one of them. Unable to do so, he was about to throw the little he had into the water. Some bystander said, “What you possess may be little, but you can live on it for a while. Why do you want to throw it into the water?”

This is similar to what is done by the stupid of the world.

People who happen to be ordained men get offerings, which come way below their expectations. What they have cannot equal that received by the high and virtuous ones. They see that those old and virtuous ordained men are supported by the mass of famous people. They want to be on an equal footing with them. Unable to get equality, they feel sorrowful and painful to such a degree as to break their faith.

This is just like the stupid man who, wanting to be equal with the rich, casts out the precious
possessions of his own.

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