The Poor Man Who Burns his Clothes

Once upon a time, there was a poor and weary man who wore a coarse woolen garment, which he had made for his customer. He was seen by a stranger who said to him, “Coming from an honorable family clan, you are the son of a man of high position. Why do you wear such coarse woolen clothing? Now let me teach you how to get some fine clothes. You should follow my instructions. I won’t cheat you.”

The poor man follows his instructions happily. The stranger immediately lit a fire before him and said in these words, “Now you may take off your coarse woolen garment and put it into the fire. You’ll get some beautiful clothes out of the flame instead.”

The poor man did as he was told. After his old clothes were burnt, nothing was left but ashes. So are the people at large.

Our being born as human beings must be attributed to the practice of a good religion from former lives. We should take good care of our beings and improve our virtue and do good deeds. We are sometimes cheated by the heretics, vicious men and seductive women, who said, “You should believe us that you will be reborn, after this life, in the Brahman Heaven and enjoy longevity and happiness, if you practice ascetics by jumping into the fire or rocks now.”

This is just like the story of the poor man burning his clothing.