The Pike

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A plea was lodged against a Pike,
That in his pond no fish their life could bear
Proofs were heaped up a haystack like, And they the culprit brought, as was but fair, Unto the Court-house swimming in a tub. The judges did not come from far
They on a neighbouring field did rub
Their noses ; and their name in archives are : Of asses were a couple,
Then two old jaded mares, and lastly three goats supple.
That all things might go on in order due,
The fox accuser was, and the indictment drew. A rumour went about the country side, That fish for the fox’s table the Pike supplied
No personalities of course the judges occupied,
And we may add, it was not thought convenient
With Pike’s tricks this time to be over-lenient,
So, nothing to be done : writ out was the decree,
That gave the guilty one to shameful death
And, that his fate to others a warning dread might be,
He to a dry branch hung must draw his parting
‘ My honoured judges ! “—here the fox did interpose : ” Hanging’s too little : I’m for a death that shows
Through all the ages that have been unheard of
That henceforth rogues should for their own fate

In a deep stream let’s drown him.”—” Splendid !

The judges shout, “Agreed !” And so, the trial ended,
They threw the Pike—into the river.
[This fable again alludes to the favour shown in official circles to the most notorious corruption, and to the abuses
of the legal administration.]

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