The Peasant and the Snake – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Egged on by thoughts like these, the madman got his boat
And o’er the open sea did float, When choosing well his place, where blackest frowned
the deep,
Down into the abyss he jumped ; but, swallowed by the wave, Long ere he could to the bottom sweep
For his audacity his life he gave.” ” king ! ” the sage his moral would apply, ” Although from learning much of benefit derives,
A mind audacious ever in it dives To some abyss, in misery to die, With but this difference known,
That others’ ruin often he causes with his own.”
[Krilpff has been accused, and especially in this fable, of underrating the influence for good of learning and
science, but he intended here to hint at the evils that may follow on studies guided by false ideas ; he attacks, not the depth, but the pride of learning. The keynote
is struck in the line —” and sought To find the depth for him was fit. “

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