The Peasant and the Dog

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Peasant, who should housekeeping have known,
A man who did a house of plenty own, Once hired a Dog to bake his bread, and g:ard
At the same time his yard,
And e’en to weed and water what grew upon his plot.
What a strange notion he had got, The reader says—no sense in it at all, And profit small
To watch a yard may well fall to their lot, But has’t been seen that dogs e’er take to baking,
Or are they found ‘mong vegetables raking ? Reader, I should be wrong no doubt,
If I said yes—but, that apart,
The point is this, from which we start, The Dog agreed to carry these things out, And got for his employment triple pay : For him ’twas well, what else had he to weigh ? The Master meanwhile set off to a fair, Amused himself, came back, and there Found little comfort him to meet. He rages with vexation just, to find The house without a loaf, or any kind
Of vegetables green or sweet,
And, what was worse, a thief had broken in, And cleared out all, e’en to the cellar’s bin. Upon the Dog poured down a tempest of abuse
But he quite coolly answered in excuse
The plot of vegetables hindered baking ; And they themselves had only not succeeded,
Because his presence in the yard was needed
And, if a thief the house-goods had been taking,
The cause was this

A chance of baking he would never miss.

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