The Peacock to Juno

The Fables of Phædrus
A Peacock came to Juno, complaining sadly that she had not given to him the song of the Nightingale; that it was the admiration of every ear, while he himself was laughed at the very instant he raised his voice. The Goddess, to console him, replied: “But you surpass the nightingale in beauty, you surpass him in size; the brilliancy of the emerald shines upon your neck; and you unfold a tail begemmed with painted plumage.” “Wherefore give me,” he retorted, “a beauty that is dumb, if I am surpassed in voice?” “By the will of the Fates,” said she, “have your respective qualities been assigned; beauty to you, strength to the Eagle, melody to the Nightingale, to the Raven presages, unpropitious omens to the Crow; all of these are contented with their own endowments.”
Covet not that which has not been granted you, lest your baffled hopes sink down to useless repinings.

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