The Path of Enlightenment

Once upon a time there was a king who brought a daughter into the world. He sent for the doctor and asked him, “Could you prescribe some drugs for my daughter in order to make her grow up faster?”

The physician replied, “I have a good prescription for her. However, I don’t have the medicine on hand. I should look for it. Your Majesty must not see her at the time of my searching for the medicine. I’ll present her to your Majesty after she has taken it.”

Then the physician went to a remote region in search of the medicine. He found it and came back twelve years later. Having taken the medicine, the daughter was led to the king who was happy to see her. Then he said to himself, “He’s a good physician. My daughter has indeed grown after taking his medicine.”

The king then ordered his attendants to reward the doctor lavishly with gems. All the courtiers derided the king for his ignorance to such an extent that he did not know to think of the year in which his daughter was born. The king believed that her growing was due to the effect of the medicine.

So are the people in general. They will visit a wise man and say, “We should like to attain the path of Enlightenment. Please instruct us that we may immediately receive the transcendent wisdom.”

By means of expediency, the master will guide them to practice meditation and contemplate
the Twelve Links connected with the causation of rebirth. After gradually accumulating all
kinds of merits, they reach the Arahant’s degree. Then they will jump with joy and exclaim,
“How fast it is! Our great master, you have made us obtain so quickly the quintessential

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