The Paper Kite – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Kite, let up into the sky,
Observing, from its post on high,
A moth that in the vale did fly, ” Wouldst thou believe,” cried, ” I can hardly see Thy form at all ? Confess, thou enviest me,
That I rise thus without a risk to fall.” —” Envy ? not I ; no, not at all
Vainly so much of self thou dreamest
Thou art tied fast when high thou seemest,
And such a life, friend Kite,
To happiness must say good-night
But I, however low my flight, May roam where’er
I wish in air, And, unlike thee, mere plaything fit for boys,
A foolish whirring noise Makes not the only thing for which through life I care.”

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