The Painter

He was a good artist and used to buy his provisions from a particular store where the owner knew him well.
One day he handed a $50 bill to the owner of the store to pay for his provisions.
The owner of the store accepted the money and put it in the cash drawer. However, he noticed that there was ink on his fingers, and he became suspicious and reported it to the police.
The police obtained a warrant to search artist’s home, and in the attic they found facilities for reproducing $50 bills.
They also found three portraits, which were painted by artist.
In fact, he was such a good artist that he hand copied the $50 bills. He was so good that he fooled everyone until that fateful day when the owner of the store noticed the ink on his wet fingers.
After his arrest, his three portraits were sold at a public auction for over $500 each.
The sad thing about the story is that it took artist almost the same length of time to copy the $50 bill as it took to paint a $500 portrait.
Dishonesty does not pay and it will catch up the dishonest finally. Artist had a low self-image of himself and such people do not fully realize and use their talents for the betterment of themselves and others. Instead, they short-change their talents for dishonest and short-term gains, but only to lose heavily in the end.
Honesty eventually pays even though it may take a longer time to….

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