The Owls Became Enemies Of The Crows

Long, long ago, all the birds of a jungle gathered to choose a new bird as their king. They were not happy with their king the Garuda, who they thought always enjoyed his time in the heaven and never cared for the birds. So, they thought it was better to choose a new bird as their king.

A heated discussion followed in the meeting and ultimately it was decided to make the owl the king of birds. The birds started making preparation for the coronation of the newly elected king.

Just then a crow flew in and raised an objection in the meeting. He said laughing, “What a bird you’ve chosen as your king. An ugly fellow. He also goes blind during the day. Moreover, owls are birds of prey. He might kill other birds for his meals rather than save them. Didn’t peacocks and swans suit as your king?”

The crow’s arguments made the birds think over their decision again. It was decided to choose the king on some other occasion and hence the coronation ceremony was postponed.

The owl chosen as the king of birds, still waited for his coronation as king. He realized all of a sudden that there was absolute quiet around

him. No one was talking, nothing was happening. Since, it was day time, he couldn’t see anything around him. He grew very impatient and a little suspicious also. At last, overcome by his curiosity and eagerness for his coronation as king, he enquired from one of his attendants, the reason behind the delay.

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“Sir:’ his attendant said, “The coronation ceremony has been postponed. All the birds have decided to chose a new king. Now not even a single bird is here. They have all gone back to their respective places.

“Why?” the owl asked angrily.

“A crow put up arguments against us,-the owl family. He said we’re ugly and killers.”

The ‘would be’ king owl further lost his temper and said to the smiling crow who was still present there, “You’ve deprived me of the honor of becoming a king. So, from now on, we are sworn enemies of each other. Beware of us.”

The crow realized his folly, but it was too late now.

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