The Musicians – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Meanwhile the lookers-on begin
To laugh, and whisper that he’d best give in
Not he, he puffs, and pants, and fills each ear With ” ‘Tis not there, not so, not here.” “He sweats, and shoves, and tries again ; at last He’s tired, and the Chest still fast
He gives it up, it is beyond his skill
And yet the lid may lift whoever will. — >-•-«
ii. Ubc /Iftusfcians.
A man invited once his neighbour
To dine with him, but really sought,
As he to music gave up every thought,
To show his troop of singers well could labour. The choir struck up ; some high, some low,
Some shouting from a full-pitched throat. The guest’s ears cracked, and every note His head made giddy like a blow.
” Excuse me, friend,” said he with admiration,
” What is there to delight in here ? Thy choir Bawl rubbish to their hearts’ desire !

” Right,” said the host with smile of exultation, ” They do into a false note fall, But then, they liquor never touch at all, And all are men of conduct far, far above their station.
For my part, I say : rather drink, and show
That that, which you profess, you know.

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