The Monkey And The Wedge

Once upon a time, a merchant started building a temple in the middle of his garden. He had hired many masons and carpenters to get the work done. In the afternoon, the workers used to take some time off and go to the nearby food stalls to have their lunch.

One day, as the workers left for lunch, a troop of monkeys landed at the construction site and began playing with whatever caught their fancy. One of the monkeys saw a shining wedge fixed in the rift of a partly sawed wooden log. The monkey had never seen a wedge ever before in his life.

He was curious to know what kind of a tool that was! So, he started pulling out the wedge from the rift of the wooden log. He did not realize that pulling out the wedge will close the rift in the log all of a sudden and he could get hurt badly. Soon, the wedge came off, and the monkey’s leg got trapped into the rift of the log. The monkey died on the spot.

It is for this reason; people say that we must not poke our nose into matters that do not concern us.

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