The Lion, the Mouse and the Cat

Once a lion had made his home in one of the caves near the hills. One day as the lion was resting, a mouse dared to run all over his body and then bit off the ends of the lion’s mane.

When the lion tried to kill it, the mouse quickly scampered away into its hole. The lion mused in anger – One should not waste one’s strength and valor in trying to kill an insignificant enemy. Instead one should send someone likewise to do the job.

So the lion went searching for a cat. On finding one in a nearby village, the lion gained its confidence with great difficulty and brought it to his cave. Everyday the lion would hunt and give scraps of meat to the cat. the mouse now stayed confined in its hole as it was too scared of the cat to come out. On hearing the slightest noise made by the mouse, the lion would throw the cat bigger pieces of meat.

Grateful for its food, the cat would keep a strict watch over the hole. Thus both the master and the servant were happy with each other. One day the mouse ventured out to find something to eat. At once the cat pounced upon it and killed it. The lion was very glad that he would not be bothered by the troublesome mouse ever again.

Now that the cat had freed him of this troublesome pest, the lion had no more interest in looking after it. The lion neglected to feed the cat though it went on mewing with hunger. Soon the cat died of starvation.

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It is wisely said that a good servant should always make his master feel in need of his services. Otherwise he will become redundant.

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