The Lion and the Wolf

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Lion once upon a lamb was dining ; A puppy, when not whining,
Around the royal table frisked,
And from between the Lion’s paws a tit-bit whisked
The king of beasts this calmly bore, as if not vexed : The pup was ignorant still, and very young. The sight an old Wolf in his thoughts perplexed ; Concluding that the Lion was not strong
To suffer such a wrong, His paw went out, as if by right lambs did to him belong.
But with the wolf it fared but ill
The Lion’s plate he helped himself to fill. The Lion, piecing him, said : ” Here’s the rub : Watching the puppy, stupidly thou thoughtest
That I to thee would leave the bit thou soughtest
But he is ignorant still, and thou art not a cub.”

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