The Lion and the Shepherd

The authors of which are not known
A Lion, while wandering in a wood, trod on a thorn, and soon after came up, wagging his tail, to a Shepherd: “Don’t be alarmed,” said he, “I suppliantly entreat your aid; I am not in search for prey.” Lifting up the wounded foot, the Man places it in his lap, and, taking out the thorn, relieves the patient’s severe pain: whereupon the Lion returns to the woods. Some time after, the Shepherd (being accused on a false charge) is condemned, and is ordered to be exposed to ravening Beasts at the ensuing games. While the Beasts, on being let out,AF.4 are roaming to-and-fro, the Lion recognizes the Man who effected the cure, and again raising his foot, places it in the Shepherd’s lap. The King, as soon as he aware of this, immediately restored the Lion to the woods, and the Shepherd to his friends.